Mr,Mrs Wakely - steep,overgrown garden area to be designed and created for viewing from the balcony.

I have to say I was initially a little daunted when I first saw this garden on Monks Hill in Weston-Super-Mare.Access was poor,no place for a skip and the Rubrus growing over the bank was rampant.Designing it was awkward as the slope was so steep and somehow I had to retain soil without major excavation as the soil and rubble was basically what was left when the house was built,not really strong enough to hold anything substantial. The main viewing of the garden area would be from the balcony so any planting must be attractive from above.After clearing the Rubrus by hand,I then proceeded to weedkill the area over a period of two months.Then the retainers were put in place and a small amount of soil behind.the shrubs I planted would hold the soil in place and so retain from falling down in wet weather.Buxus was placed along the edge of the path to give an attractive edge and the shrubs chosen were mainly evergreen with varying foliage and colour.