Inspire understand the value of a garden,and the plants that make it special, also how the garden is unique to each individual and there interests. That's why Inspire not only work with, but alongside you as well, guiding, managing, tutoring and designing.

To Inspire, your the important factor in your garden,because without you it can’t become yours.

Architecture in plants is rarely seen, mainly because we don’t get up and close enough to appreciate the delicacy of what we have in our garden.We often talk about how people make exquisite jewellery, with its fine jewels and chains,look at things through a microscope to see how they are made up. Well, you to can create these delicate items,look at the fronds on a fern, the shape and colour of leaves on an Acer, the delicateness of the flower of an Astrantia, (see above). I can help you create these in your garden, together we will create a WOW factor to be talked about, a display to be proud of, and all because Inspire work with you, not for you.

E.I.G.M - Excellence In Garden Management.


Understanding plants in the garden is paramount to creating gardens that not only look good, but function well to. Plants need to compliment each other, while one is in full glory another is taking a rest. Keep this going all year and you will always have something to admire and talk about whatever the season. As a horticulturist I put together planting schemes, restore old planting areas, or sometimes, just re-arrange. You may need to add to the garden or take away to bring out its full potential, and in doing so, bring you out into the garden regardless of the weather.

Between us lets bring the beauty out in your garden.

Garden Tutor.

Working alongside you to show how to action various horticultural tasks effectively. Working with time served skills to equip you with all that is needed to run your garden in a happy, healthy and successful way. Tailored to suit each individual and there garden area,

Garden Management Consultant.

An on site service to discuss the current condition of your garden, identify any issues or problems, take on board your thoughts and wishes, survey the site and supply within 10 days, details on how to improve and manage the site much more effectively, with the short term day to day running of the garden as well as longer term restoration or development plans. (One off or longer term involving regular site visits).

Garden / Planting Designer.

There are many designers about these days, and finding the right one for you can be a little daunting. As a designer I work a lot with plants, they have a certain shape and meaning in a garden which creates the persons mood. They also work well together with hard standing features and each are used to set each other off at there best.

Sometimes items require to be fixed so that others can be placed, they have no language or cultural barriers, they are an individuals choice that many others may enjoy.

I feel its important to work with you in your garden, to find what you like, your dreams, your vision. I work with my clients like a team, always in contact, liasing at every step until between us the final piece is put into your jigsaw.

Border Design / Plans.

Do you have a border that's a little out of hand, plants just don’t seem to balance. Inspire can produce detailed border plans / designs for all borders. I can create a new border for you, re-vamp an old one, or give you a detailed plan to create yourself. All plans will contain a scaled drawing of the border, listing of all plants and positioning, detailed information on growth, planting, feeding, pruning and special needs. In fact everything you need to know on how to keep the border healthy all year round.

A well planned and planted border is like looking out of your window

to a seasonal clock.


Planters come in many different forms, plastic, (trying to avoid), wooden, (often made from pallets or re-cycled wood),and then there are granite planters, fibreglass planters. These need little or no maintenance, don’t weaken with age or when wet, and don’t lose colour. In fact you will probably only buy them once, the only thing you will probably change are the plants.

Great as a gift for someone at maybe a : Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Just To Someone Special,

Or be a little selfish and do it - JUST FOR YOU.

All planters can be colour themed, plant themed, the options are endless.

Trees make great presents to. There is a particular tree for every date of the year, find out what yours is and what it says of you, you might be surprised. (Small trees look great in attractive pots).