Inspire understand the value of a garden,and the plants that make it special,also how the garden is unique to each individual and there interests. That's why Inspire not only work with,but alongside you as well,guiding,managing,tutoring and designing.

To Inspire, your the important factor in your garden,because without you it can’t become yours.

Architecture in plants is rarely seen, mainly because we don’t get up and close enough to appreciate the delicacy of what we have in our garden.We often talk about how people make exquisite jewellery, with its fine jewels and chains,look at things through a microscope to see how they are made up. Well,you to can create these delicate items,look at the fronds on a fern,the shape and colour of leaves on an Acer, the delicateness of the flower of an Echinacea, and the intricate detail of an Echinops . I can help you create these in your garden, together we will create a WOW factor to be talked about, a display to be proud of, and all because Inspire work with you,not for you.

Inspirational gardens from Inspire Garden Architects.

  • Garden Tutoring, - Working alongside you in horticultural practices,learning the only way, in the garden.

  • Garden Design, - Working with you to create gardens that are useful,usable and interesting.

  • Horticultural Work, - Showing you how important plants are in the garden,and how to keep them healthy.

  • Garden Management And Planning, - How to keep your garden in shape all year round with a sensible work plan.

  • Planters,Supplied And/Or Planted, - All types of planters,pots and troughs can be supplied to you,either planted out for instant impact or supplied to you for you to create. If you would like to plant these yourself we can supply all materials for you to create effectively.

  • Garden Gift Boxes, - These are boxes of information to help guide you in creating garden areas. Jiffy 7s,peat pots,sponge,soap,labels,seeds,pencil and full easy to read guides on creating borders or growing plants, such as Tomatos,Sweet Peas,Bulbs etc. These can be created for any specific subject or project you would like,excellent for giving as a incentive gift, tailored to suit persons ability and available space.

    Priced at £25.00 + P&P these can be sent direct as a gift.