Inspire understand the value of a garden,and the plants that make it special,also how the garden is unique to each individual and there interests. That's why Inspire not only work with,but alongside you as well,guiding,managing,tutoring and designing.

To Inspire, your the important factor in your garden,because without you it can’t become yours.

Architecture in plants is rarely seen, mainly because we don’t get up and close enough to appreciate the delicacy of what we have in our garden.We often talk about how people make exquisite jewellery, with its fine jewels and chains,look at things through a microscope to see how they are made up. Well, you to can create these delicate items,look at the fronds on a fern, the shape and colour of leaves on an Acer, the delicateness of the flower of an Echinacea, and the intricate detail of an Echinops . I can help you create these in your garden, together we will create a WOW factor to be talked about, a display to be proud of, and all because Inspire work with you, not for you.

E.I.G.M - Excellence In Garden Management.


To action tasks within the garden related to plants, shrubs, pruning and other horticultural tasks and actions. Creating new borders or re-vamping old ones, supplying of plants if required.

Garden Tutor.

Working alongside you to show how to action various horticultural tasks effectively. Working with time served skills to equip you with all that is needed to run your garden in a happy, healthy and successful way. Tailored to suit each individual and there garden area,

Garden Management.

An on site service to discuss the current condition of your garden, identify any issues or problems, take on board your thoughts and wishes, survey the site and supply within 7 days details on how to improve, change and manage the site much more effectively to your needs and ability, as well as your available time.

Garden Design.

Combining yours and my ideas to create a garden area that is both useful, usable, and interesting, making that outdoor space your pleasant retreat at the end of the day or week. Together we will create a garden for a purpose, your purpose,to suit your lifestyle, your needs and of course your budget.

Border Design / Plans.

A scaled plan of the proposed border area with all plants positioned, listed, information on flowering times, pruning, special needs, etc and full details on creation from scratch.


From wooden planters to fibreglass, to granite. Fully planted these planters make great additions to any garden area, particularly courtyards and small, intimate areas. Have them planted as a theme, for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just as a gift to someone special.