Designing and creating a garden area is not all about somebody coming in and telling you what you should have,plants you should put in, patios, walls,etc and then how much it will cost.

No, the garden needs to be a consultation between you and the designer focusing on your needs,your ideas,how it will work with your lifestyle to get the most enjoyment from it,in order to create a full picture of what is needed.Then as a designer I would add my ideas to the subjects we have talked about and advise etc on features in the garden.

I will design and create your garden area with a purpose,your purpose,consult with you fully,involve you with every step,be the anchor in all correspondence and liase,and never go ahead with anything without your approval. I am, as are all the builders I use, fully insured in every aspect of our type of work.

If you want a new garden, my aim is to make every step flow as easily as possible from start to finish.

This garden was for Mr Mike Alvis, in Easton-In-Gordano.Keeping a more natural theme we created different sections down through the garden area,the pond area being the relaxing part of the walk through the garden.