A well planted and attractive garden will compliment your home and provide interest with seasonal variations in shape.colour,texture and the natural life that will thrive around it. It will also give people there first impressions of you,and after all first impressions count.

The garden can portray many different moods, circular beds have an elegance about them,relaxing and soft.Whereas sharp edges show a more strict and disciplined approach,direct, and to the point,an attempt to tame nature. woodland borders are romantic,you can walk through and feel,touch and smell the leaves and flowers,clear your mind and become part of it.

So not only does the garden create moods,it can change them as well, colours have an amazing ability to relax us,just like wearing your favourite trousers or dress.

Think of this when you are planting.At the end of the day you come home from work and you sit down with a cup of tea and first thing you do is kick your shoes off,you’ve been in them all day,as soon as they come off your whole body feels relaxed.

Its the same with plants,when you plant them give them a little TLC,make there feet (roots)comfortable and just watch how they will reward you.

Your garden is your closest point to nature,make it interesting.


From a horticultural point of view,Inspire will guide you in creating new talking points in your garden,bring borders back to life,add freshness in its look and touch,and by sharing my experience open up your garden to the wonders of colour and shape throughout the year.

Obviously Inspire can create for you, supply the plants direct from our suppliers,put in the preparation work,make sure its the right time of year for your particular project, supply you with the right information to keep the garden looking good after we have finished. My contact number if you have a question later on or a little advice (and that comes F.O.C).

But,most importantly of all we leave you with a garden that will make you smile,happy to walk through regardless of the weather because there is something going on,something moves,and with the right plants etc a surprise around every corner.

Colour and shape are everything in a garden,they are an art in themselves which we can rarely emulate,but,working with them you can create something beautiful and breathtaking. And remember YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A GARDENER TO ENJOY THE GARDEN.


Shape in the garden often combined with light can create images to ponder over for there meaning.

Testimonials :

Mark and Shelley have turned our garden from a very ordinary,overgrown green space with shrubs to a garden with borders and spaces and shape and colour throughout the year.They are knowledgable and skilled,and Mark always has good suggestions and excellent taste.Be adventurous and they will provide inspiration,and help you make your garden project flourish.

Cordellia,Stephen Pegge. - Langford.

We inherited Mark when we moved into our new house. Mark has been instrumental in developing our mature garden in stages,to more reflect our vision.He listens, offers advice, designs,landscapes and creates bespoke borders full of colour and texture that reflect the changing seasons. The garden is being transformed into something we are proud of and will enjoy for many years to come. Thanks Mark.

Caroline,Matt. - Clevedon.

My wife and I have much pleasure in recommending Mark for his work as a gardener and garden design work.Mark has worked very successfully on our gardens for 26 years and we have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective client.His knowledge of all aspects of gardening and garden design are excellent.

Trevo,Ruth McCann. - Weston-Super-Mare.