Johanna Slatton - Bristol.

Mark has been a godsend ! I struggled for years trying to get the garden in my head to materialize, and now with Marks patient guidance, encouragement and tutoring it is finally taking shape.This combination of working together opens up new ideas and knowledge and it was just what I was looking for. I did not want someone to come and maintain my garden and I didn't want a garden designer to design ‘their’ garden. I wanted my vision to come to life and with Marks help it has, I couldn't be happier.

Johannas Garden. - Bristol

Johannas Garden. - Bristol

Cordellia,Stephen Pegge - Langford.

Mark and Shelley have turned our garden from a very ordinary,overgrown green space with shrubs to a garden with borders,spaces,shape and colour throughout the year.They are knowledgable and skilled,and Mark always has good suggestions and excellent taste. Be adventurous and they will provide the inspiration to help you make your garden flourish.


Trevor,Ruth McCann - Weston-Super-Mare.

My wife and I have much pleasure in recommending Mark for his work in the garden and as a designer.Mark has worked very successfully on our gardens for 27 years and we have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective client. Marks knowledge of all aspects of gardening and garden design are excellent.

Caroline Ridding - Clevedon.

We inherited Mark when we moved into our new house and asked him to stay on working with the garden.He has been instrumental in developing our mature garden in stages,to more reflect our vision. he listens, offers advice, designs and creates bespoke borders full of colour, texture and interest that reflect the changing seasons. The garden is being transformed into something we are proud of and will enjoy for many years to come, Thanks Mark.


Liz,Mark Rogers - Bidisham.

We have used Inspire Garden Architects since 2011, what a transformation to the garden. Inspire have built us a wildlife pond in an area that was covered in Bamboo and was quite an eye-sore.However,now we have the pleasure of watching the wildlife who visit every day. Major building work completely destroyed an area in the garden and since this has finished Mark is currently re-instating this area. We are so looking forward to the finish as we have always been surprised and delighted with the results Inspire achieve. Marks knowledge of plants,shrubs and trees has been most helpful,we have 1.5 acres that need to be controlled and to date we have no complaints.I am a novice when it comes to the garden, but, I suggest what I would like and Inspire give us the finish. We would not hesitate to recommend.


Kevin Darke - Weston-Super-Mare.

Marks service was helpful and informative, can either work to a brief or provide some ideas for the client to choose from.Plant selection, knowledge and quality was good,as was the quality of the work,flexible with schedule etc,which was very helpful.My brief was a bit vague but together we ended up with the garden/look I was after,so I’m very satisfied.


Andrew,Nicola Brown - Highbridge


Mark has worked for us for over 10 years now and created a beautiful cottage garden. Mark suggests plants, colours, textures, something fades and another comes to life. He is approachable and knowledgable and when he says he will be there, he is. Mark sources suppliers to get the best prices and comes up with great ideas to keep the garden flowing. We are currently changing a few things around, and have asked Mark to advise on all aspects, we have no hesitation in recommending Mark and his work.

Chris Rowntree (Crown Display Ltd) - Tickenham.

I am happy to recommend Mark and Inspire who have been exceptional in the advice,quality of work and reliability in several projects I have used them.Our last one being both challenging and hard work to get to what I requested.Overall a trustworthy good guy who you can leave to price fairly and get on with the job.