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Section 1 – Inspire




Garden Architects


From border to courtyard to full design.
Plants & design are what we are passionate about.
They are our vision, values and skills,
It’s what we are, It’s what we do – Inspire.



A well-planned and attractive garden will complement your home and provide interest with seasonal variations in shape, colour, texture and the natural life that will thrive around it. But, it will also give people their first impression of you, and after all, first impressions count.
Clients and their needs, communication and attention to detail are at the core of the business. Inspire are here to work with you by advising, guiding and supporting you.
We’re inspired – read on and let us INSPIRE you…

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Section 3 – Welcome to Inspire

The Garden


The garden can portray many different moods, circular beds have an elegance about them, whereas sharp edges show a more strict and disciplined attack. The borders and beds in your garden can be any shape or size you want them to be, you can have specific areas for a group of your favourite plants, a hidden area that is quiet and private just for you. Dry borders give a more architectural appearance, whereas Parterre is a formal arrangement of beds to form, a geometric or more fluid pattern, often Yew and Buxus are used in this type of project.


Woodland borders are more romantic and meditteranean borders are good on areas of the garden that get a lot of sun through the day. Walk through borders are highly sensuous as they allow you to get in among the plants to see, feel, touch and smell the fragrance of leaves and flowers. If you have a courtyard then a generous raised bed is ideal, and used at different levels creates a sense of space.

If you like art of any kind including photography the garden opens up a whole new spectrum to keep you occupied all through the year. A well planted and planned garden will give you different shades of colour to work with, this in turn attracts insects etc which can be photographed in situ and then drawn after, the use of sculptures in a garden is another form of art to be used and all along you are gaining extra knowledge of your subject


Why not check out our before/after transformations? (Just click here and allow a few seconds for the gallery to load)

Section 4 – Inspire To Change

Inspire To Change

With most gardens, there comes a time when you will need to make changes, sometimes purely by choice, and sometimes through need, such as to fit in with your lifestyle, work schedule, physical issues etc. Gardens can take up a lot of time (there’s no point in trying to hide the fact), but they can also be a pleasure and not a chore if planned properly, and that means planning ahead.

Planning gardens is not an instant task, plants that will give you colour all year round are available at different times of the year. The nurseries and garden centres often only show plants at their best (in flower) because that gives them buying appeal. So buying in March for an October display is not always an easy task, and information can be very hit and miss sometimes depending on who you talk to.

The same will go for building and landscaping work, certain times of the year are more beneficial than others, you don’t want work going on when you would rather be using it, and when its done you could have lost some valuable summer days. Of course, if you are going to tackle it yourself, there may be times when you have more time on your hands than usual, and there’s there chance you have been looking for, with a plan to work to it would flow better.

So, whether it’s a border that needs re-planting, a courtyard that needs a lift, a small garden that needs sorting, large garden that needs planning and new ideas, overgrown gardens that need rescuing or a full re-vamp design is needed, Inspire are here to work with you by advising, guiding, and supporting you to get that result by understanding your garden and becoming a part of it.

Working together with natural products, plants, shrubs and trees and man-made products is where the garden architect works best. By placing the right object and plants together they can complement each other so you get the best out of all materials used and make them visible. This gives the garden height, colour, fragrance, shapes (it’s not all about colour), and most importantly life to the whole project.

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So, how to start, what to use, best time of year to do it. If it’s a border, what plants to grow, what will grow and will struggle, where to get materials, how much are they, what do I look for when buying plants, how do i choose a landscaper/builder/gardener?

Inspire Garden Architects can advise, inform, support, and show you the techniques to avoid pitfalls.

The garden can be anything you want it to be, and with the right planning it can keep you interested for many years. And the one good thing about it, is that there will always be something different happening, something you can be a part of and enjoy.

Remember, you don’t have to be gardener to be interested in the garden.


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Section 6 – Our services

Excellence In Garden Management.

Horticulturist : Garden Management : Garden Tutor : Garden Designer

Horticulturist – Growing plants is a passion I have had from an early age, and my aim is to make sure the clients I work with are left with not only a garden area to be proud of, but with the information of how to keep it looking good and interesting for some time to come.

Garden Management – With thoughtful and careful planning, any garden from courtyard to small private,to large areas will ensure its long term enjoyability, usability and interest, making it a pleasure not a chore.a

Garden Tutor – Working alongside clients to teach horticultural practices with time served skills to equip them with all that is needed to run a happy and successful garden,tailored to suit each individual.

Garden Designer – I create gardens with plants at the forefront,putting nature on your doorstep,creating your space by making all areas accessible and interesting, and most importantly usable.

Garden Management:

  • > Detailed survey of the garden, Discuss with client current condition
  • > Identify any issues at present time
  • > Any thoughts from client on future ideas
  • > Followed with full management,maintenance plan
  • > Short day to day running of the garden
  • > Long or short term restoration,development
  • > One off or longer term contract working with regular site visits.

Garden Tutor:

  • > Assess the garden and tasks client would like to achieve
  • > Devise a work plan to cover aspects of the garden and how to improve or change with the client
  • > Plan each lesson so the client makes there own decisions on what they have learnt
  • > Cover horticultural points from experience on items not found in books
  • > Emphasise the use and importance of plants in a garden
  • > Create a time scale, to when the client can fend for themselves, with there new found knowledge
  • > Have a goal to work to
  • > Combined with full A4 page scripts of points covered for later reference.


My interest in plants and there importance in the garden started at a very early age, and brought with it a passion to bring out the best in every garden I have the pleasure to work with. The colour, fragrance and interest plants can bring to an outside space can be breathtaking, and, just like I work with my clients,the plants need working with to, give them the TLC they need and they will reward you all through the year,each taking its turn while another takes a rest.

  • > To guide clients in the preparation of soil,conditions to create and how to keep the plants healthy throughout the year
  • > Explain and show how important timing is within the garden calendar, showing how easy mistakes can be made.

Garden Designer:

Creating gardens that are both useful, usable and interesting, making that outdoor space your pleasant retreat at the end of the day or week. I create gardens for a purpose, your purpose, to suit your lifestyle, your needs and of course your budget.

  • > Full consultation
  • > Combine both my own and clients ideas to create a full picture of what is required
  • > Involve client with every step
  • > Be the anchor in all correspondence
  • > Liaise.
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Garden teaching


Garden teaching is a service I provide which is ideal for the client who wants to create the garden themselves yet may need a little guidance and direction in certain areas, such as layout, plants, materials etc. Working alongside them, they could be re-developing a property, re-shaping and planting a border, or maybe have a mature but overgrown and out-of-shape garden and would like to reclaim and renovate the space,or just want to like there garden.

Working with you means I get to do the heavy work for you, and be on hand to show you the best way to action other tasks, and how to do them. This allows you to learn as you work, and, when each project is finished you will have the knowledge to be able to keep it looking good throughout all the seasons.

  • One-to-one guidance and direction
  • Points that are not always found in books
  • Tasks that work based on experience from the practical side, rather than theory
  • Notes and information provided to you for looking back on if needed
  • The only way to learn about plants is to work with them, and understand them

On both of the above services, if you need any help in-between visits I am only the cost of a phone call away.

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Section 5 – Our experience

My experience

Mark Rice – Garden Architect

Dip GD (Inst. GD) Cert GD (H.C College); RHS General Exam Certificate

I started gardening when I was very young, helping my grandad in his garden, tending Roses, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, and his precious tomatoes. I remember trimming the Aubrietia which grew so well over the path and being told off for giving the Roses too much water. (I was only 7).

After leaving school, I started work at Bristol Zoo, although initially I was based at their nursery area at Hollywood Towers, which is just off the Cribbs Causeway turn-off at Bristol. Here I learnt about fruit, vegetables, cut flower, and growing crops for both animal and human consumption, as well as moving and strimming rough areas.

I then moved into the zoo itself, working on the tropical plant house, growing and cultivating Fuchsias, Geraniums, and creating seasonal hanging baskets. from there I moved into the ground tending the borders etc. planting spring and summer bedding displays, and being responsible for the plants in the Bird House, Reptile House and Monkey House.

My experience continued with a move to the cold and heated frames, cactus house and the cultivating of various spring and summer plants from seed and cuttings, this was also combined with a short spell with Orchids and Ferns.

I then spent some time with a landscaper and Bristol City Council Parks Dept, before a short time in sports retail. This was very valuable as a lesson in customer relations. I then took two courses in Garden Design, one with the Institute of Garden Design, where I received a Diploma in Garden Design, and the other with the Horticultural Correspondence College, where I obtained a Certificate of Design at distinction level. Inspire Garden Architects was formed in 1999.

My thanks go to the people who guided me in the early years, Gordon Bland, Mike Jeffries, John Parkes, Brian Palmer, Fred Iles, Mike Lewis. Thank you.

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Section 9 – Contact

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